Update to the Privacy policy

The law has changed on 25 May 2018 and now called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We at Magical Creations Limited are committed to providing the top quality housing for the professionals.

We collect personal data from our tenants at the time of start of the tenancy under the legal obligation as a Landlord.

Our tenants/customers fill most of the personal data themselves on credit referencing agency “https://www.lettingref.co.uk/”.
The process mentioned above is to undertake credit check for the tenant.
We use sign now for assured short-term tenancy and inventory signing that is a third party security system. All the personal details and documents stay secure with these third-party websites. Both these websites use cloud hosting and are safe.
A proportion of the tenant’s data is also securely stored with a one month deposit as a part of Landlord deposit scheme that is again a third party system.

We do collect data for the provision of the housing for our records that include name and means of contact. As a company, we do have access to the tenant’s documents via third-party login.

We take the security of the data seriously. All staff at Magical Creations limited have received appropriate training and have been made aware of the GPDR law and our responsibilities towards our customers. As a part of National landlord association, we make sure we are up to date with the latest change in legislation.

We use groups watsapp and individual email and text to communicate during the period as a tenant.

Once the tenancy finishes we delete the personal data on our records and third party unless the tenant wishes to keep contact with us for future opportunities.

Every tenant has the right to opt in as a part of wats app group or can opt out if they wish to do so and can request other means of communication.

We check for the explicit consent when sharing data with any third party, for example, sharing the mobile number with contractors coming in to do the repairs to the property.
The contractors have explicit instructions to delete the mobile number once the job is complete. For each task, we seek the consent of the tenant before sharing the information.

It is unlikely, but there are exceptional circumstances, where we are under obligation to share only relevant data without consent with other professionals agencies for example with Her Majesty courts & Tribunals service, police and social services.

We take data sharing very seriously and make sure any disclosure is specific, relevant to the circumstance and only what is needed.

Mrs Pallavi Sharma is responsible officer for Data protection at Magical Creations Limited.

We treat the breach of data by seriously. We write to the individual and the agency of any violation and take active steps to correct the mistake. We take a regular audit to ensure that we learn from that incident and share learning with the staff and the individual.

Magical Creations Limited has an established and robust Privacy impact assessment in place, and any new services go through the rigorous process of data protection and now GPDR.

If anyone has any question, please write to Mrs Pallavi Sharma.

Mrs Pallavi Sharma and Dr Sumit Sharma
Magical Creations Limited