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We believe in creating a safe, connected, and happier society. We do this by being innovative and investing in property. We provide quality rental accommodation.
Pallavi Sharma
Has been a Property Investor for 14 years.


Large Sui Generis 

A large eight-bedroom HMO near Heathrow Terminal 5. Over the last four years, it has been a home away from home for tens of people who have been hard-working professionals ranging from all streams of life. Initial planning involved a range of challenges like Soundproofing, a car park and various others, but It’s worth it, given the fantastic experiences people had in the house.

"Its the one of the best HMO I have stayed in - S.B."

6 Bedroom HMO

Shared housing in the heart of Staines, one can indulge in the nightlife while breathing fresh. Young professionals love the vibrant nightlife and eat outs. People become part of the family and our journey. We believe we are in the business of people and our property investments are means to share our journey with young professionals.  

"Its was my first time away from Home in London and I never felt I was away - O.S."

Mini Mo 

Twickenham is an upcoming area 20 minutes from Waterloo and the heart of Rugby. Professionals love the green leafy suburbs and various restaurants and connectivity—property boots from enormous glass windows and high ceilings. Our professionals love space, and sunshine pouring through the windows creates the wow experience. 
"Its been a pleasure living and enjoying my stay with other professionals - N.B."

Buy To Let 

Situated on the banks of Maidstone, this gorgeous two-bedroom flat offers fantastic views of the river. Over the last 12 years, we had two tenants. People grow in the house; the families thrive and create memories. 

"I stayed here for 8 years and I came with my girlfriend, we got married and has kids, share lots of memories in the house- R.S."

Milton Keynes & Others 

We have several properties in and around London that are simple but to lets and shared housing.  What’s common amongst all of them are the meaningful connections we build with people during their stay.  We share their joys, ups and downs. 
"Its been a pleasure living here for almost 3 years but I am leaving as going to greece as I am going to be a father now- A.B."


People are our biggest assets whether its our team or who live in these houses. They grow and create stories in these houses. Now and then, we are mentioned in their stories, a postcard or message drops in and makes us emotional.  Our magical family has grown a lot,  and we have hundreds of lovely people and their stories to share and remember. 

" We came in the space of property investment to support young professionals and solve their housing problem" - Sumit and Pallavi